Monday, September 21, 2009

Chair Races!

So the other day as many of us know the power went out. I was just sitting in my room with my roomate and my other friend and then sudden darkness. Of course we had all the dumb girl start to freak out in the hallway...oh joy! Then we got the bright idea of chair races! So we took the chairs in the hall and pushed each other. It was so much fun and i almost hit my head of the fire extinguisher. Ha then i was like hmmmm push me harder i want to go all the way down the hall well, the guy john did and away i went. i went clear to the end and still had momentum. I hit the door to the stairs and made it open. I swear my life literally flashed before my eyes, all i could think about was the three flights of stairs below me just waiting. Luckily though, my friend Gabby was opening the door on the other side at the same time. She like saved my life! Then we just laughed and laughed so hard my stomach hurt and I almost fell out of the chair. As soon as we knew I wasnt dying it was hysterical! Oh the fun times at college when the power goes out!

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